Another year – another EUROTOX

This year EUROTOX welcomed scientists with “Toxicology Out of the Box” theme, focusing on offering a really innovative, forward-looking and imaginative scientific programme. And indeed, the event covered a wide range of topics – from ecotoxicity, developmental toxicology & biomarkers to the use of toxicology for repurposing old drugs, big data & the use of novel software in toxicology.

Naturally, Biobide didn’t go unprepared to EUROTOX 2018 – we gave an oral presentation, presented a poster and welcomed the interested to our booth.

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Biobide, in collaboration with TECNUN (University of Navarra), present a poster at 58th Teratology Society Meeting in Clearwater, Florida, USA

Teratology Society Meeting (TSM) is an annual event that gathers a large number of academic, industrial and governmental scientists from various fields such as toxicology, developmental biology, reproduction and endocrinology, genetics, various clinical disciplines and many more. This year’s Teratology Society Meeting’s theme was “Mechanisms, Models, Mothers and Babies: Bringing Birth Defects Research into Practice” which included more than 12 scientific sessions on various related topics.

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