Another year – another EUROTOX

This year EUROTOX welcomed scientists with “Toxicology Out of the Box” theme, focusing on offering a really innovative, forward-looking and imaginative scientific programme. And indeed, the event covered a wide range of topics – from ecotoxicity, developmental toxicology & biomarkers to the use of toxicology for repurposing old drugs, big data & the use of novel software in toxicology.

Naturally, Biobide didn’t go unprepared to EUROTOX 2018 – we gave an oral presentation, presented a poster and welcomed the interested to our booth.

TERATOOL – a novel software, developed in collaboration with scientists from Tecnun, University of Navarra, was the main subject of Biobide’s oral presentation “Novel Computational Tools Based on Bioinformatic and Chemoinformatic Data to Complement the Zebrafish Embryo Teratogenicity Test”, given by one of our collaborators, Xabier Cendoya. This software is a huge step towards a more efficient, precise and objective screening for developmental toxicity and it could improve early development of new compounds for pharma, biotech, cosmetics, agrochemical and petrochemical industries.

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To find out more about the event, visit official EUROTOX 2018 website.

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