Biobide’s relevant achievements in November

November was definitely an exciting month for Biobide.  We received the French Research Tax Credit (CIR) Accreditation, our latest review article was awarded the ACS Editor’s Choice Award and we attended the American Colleague of Toxicology Meeting. 

The French Ministry of Higher Education and Research provided Biobide the French Research Tax Credit (CIR) Accreditation. Our French collaborators can now qualify to receive CIR tax incentive through the research and development conducted by Biobide while reducing up to 30% of your eligible expenditure.  

This past month also, the scientific review where two of our colleagues (Arantza Muriana and Dr. Iñaki Iturria) collaborated with other entities such as AbbVie and Bristol-Myers Squibb, has been accepted for publication in Chemical Research in Toxicology. Moreover, the review titled “Use of Zebrafish in Drug Discovery Toxicology” was awarded the ACS Editor’s Choice Award on November 16th. You can download the review article in the following link.  

Last but not least, once more Biobide did not miss the American Colleague Toxicology (ACT) Annual Meeting. During this 40th Annual Meeting, our USA Business Development Manager, Ane Altuna, presented our latest immunotoxicity and anti-inflammatory studies in zebrafish (download the poster here) and enjoyed networking with the community of toxicologists that the ACT gathers every year. We are already looking forward to the next year’s edition in Austin, TX. 

All this great news makes us keep working hard to continue providing the best zebrafish R&D solutions. We hope you do not hesitate to contact Your Zebrafish Partner for your future projects! 

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