September, a month full of meetings for Biobide

September arrived with an agenda full of congresses. Biobide, as it could not be otherwise, did not miss the opportunity to attend these events. 


We started in Helsinki, where the EUROTOX 2019 took place. There, Maitane Ipiñazar, our Business Development Manager, and Maria José Mazón, Study Director at Biobide, represented the company in the 55th annual conference. Under the theme ‘Toxicology – Science Providing Solutions’, a variety of topics included new and emerging technologies, personalized medicine, and epidemiology of exposure to chemicals were discussed. We could also make our own contribution presenting our latest research on the identification of immunotoxic and anti-inflammatory compounds in zebrafish embryos (download the poster here


Secondly, we participated in the European Teratology Society 2019 (ETS) held in Cologne. Arantza Muriana, Biobide’s R&D Director and council member of the ETS, could stay abreast of the new content on the causes and prevention of adverse effects on reproduction and development. Furthermore, she presented our poster ( in collaboration with Tecnun “TeratoDB: a hand-curated dataset to test machine learning approaches in teratogenicity research” and she had the opportunity to exchange new ideas and information about key areas of interest.  


We finally ended up this month attending the Safety Pharmacology Society (SPS) meeting 2019 in Barcelona. The SPS featured a diverse range of scientific sessions, covering issues such as new in vitro models, hot topics in CNS, immune related adverse events and others.  We had the opportunity to present a poster as well as to discuss safety non-clinical topics with pharmacologist, physiologist and toxicologist experts.  


If you were not able to attend our presentations, please contact us via email  to get more information or schedule a meeting.  

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