Biobide’s presentation in World Preclinical Congress’ conference Predicting Drug Toxicity

World Preclinical Congress (WPC) is an annual event that focuses on newest trends and frontline technologies in drug discovery and translational research. This year, 17th WPC in Boston, USA, has brought more than 300 speakers and 1100 international delegates together, offering a unique opportunity to share knowledge and opinions in 18 conferences of different areas of research and development.


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Biobide’s team presents zebrafish as alternative model for cancer research in BIO2018

BIO International Convention is the largest global event for biotechnology industry organized by Biotechnology Innovation Organization, representing biotechnology companies, academic institutions, biotechnology centers and related organizations in the United States and in more than 30 other countries. More than 18,000 attendees gathered to this year’s conference in Boston, MA, USA, where cutting-edge innovations in the industry were presented by leading companies and clusters from 67 countries.

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Biobide shows new researches about zebrafish in the European Zebrafish Meeting

Bionaturis Group company expert in the use of zebrafish as alternative animal model, Biobide, will present new studies about the versatility of this specie for toxicity, security and efficacy assays of new compounds in the 10th European Zebrafish Meeting in Budapest. The event -held from 3 to 7th, June- will gather the specialists of this increasing sector.

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