SETAC EUROPE 2019: New event, new opportunities

The European SETAC annual meeting was held from the 26th to 30th of May, coinciding with the 29th anniversary of the convention. This event gathers large number of professionals from a wide range of fields such as chemistry, toxicology, biology, and ecology. Under the theme “One Environment. One Health. Sustainable Societies”, the major aims of this year’s symposium were the development of practices for the enhancement of sustainable environmental quality and ecosystem integrity. Therefore, focusing attention on the latest methodologies in environmental toxicology. In this way, experts were all convened in the Daughter of the Baltic Sea, better known as Helsinki (Finland).

Naturally, Biobide didn’t miss the opportunity to attend this unique event. In fact, two of our team members, Maitane Ipiñazar (Biobide’s Business Development Manager) and Dr. Iñaki Iturria (Biobide’s Project Manager) were the ones representing the company on this multi-disciplinary meeting.  Moreover, we tapped the opportunity to present our two latest posters: ‘Endocrine disruptors screening analyzing zebrafish sperm quality’ and ‘Thyroid disruption screening using zebrafish as a vertebrate model’, and also welcomed the interested to our booth.

Both posters are available now for download in our website.

If you want to obtain more information or schedule a meeting, please contact us via e-mail

To find out more about the event, visit official SETAC Europe 2019 Website.

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