Bionaturis Group takes part in two events in USA in June

Bionaturis Group representatives will showcase the biotechnological group offer in two relevant events in USA in June: the World Preclinical Congress (Boston) and the Bio International Convention (San Diego).

Biobide’s Management Director, Arantza Muriana, will take part in the first one, attending the programme Predicting Drug Toxicity and she will present the scientific poster titled “Toxicity Profiling Using a Battery of Assays in Zebrafish Embryos Including Teratogenicity, Behavior, Cardiotoxicity, Ototoxicity and Hepatotoxicity“ on 13 and 14th, June. “Our experience and broad offer of assays with zebrafish as animal model as well as the importance that USA has for Biobide –our subsidiary is located in Maryland and we are included in the exclusive group of Spanish companies that work with the NIEHS- turn the World Preclinical Congress into an essential event to consolidate the relationships with our current customers and stablish new ones”, Arantza Muriana has stated.

The World Preclinical Congress will tackle the latest trends and technologies related to the drug discovery. It is a multidisciplinary event attended by experts from different sectors such as chemical, biological and pharmaceutical ones, among others.

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For further information about the World Preclinical Congress, visit its official website.

Attending the Bio International Convention once again

Bionaturis Group will not miss its annual appointment with the global biotechnology taking part in the Bio International Convention, considered the most relevant event in the biotechnological sector worldwide. From 19 to 22th, June, Biobide’s General Manager, Andoni Cruz, and Bionaturis CSO, Juan Jose Infante, will showcase the broad offer of premium products and services for Human and Animal Health in this relevant forum in Bionaturis Group schedule.

Bionaturis Group arrives to this international forum after signing relevant license agreements with multinational companies and the increase of prescription and non-prescription products for food production animals and pets. The new patents obtained by ZIP Solutions in Europe, Japan and USA lately and the license for Splittera and the extension of the Evaluation and Option License Agreement for Zera with a multinational company for Animal Health also contribute to consolidate its positioning as a reference partner in technological solutions for bioprocess.

“We arrive to this meeting every year with a better position and a broader portfolio of specialized products and services. This constant growth and the leading multinational companies  trusting us, support the quality and guarantee of our premium products and services”, Bionaturis CSO, Juan Jose Infante, has explained.

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For further information about the Bio International Convention, please, visit its official website.

About Bionaturis Group

Bionaturis Group offers premium solutions for human and animal health; it comprises four companies (Bionaturis, Biobide, ZIP Solutions, and BNT Pacific) and two subsidiaries (Biobide USA and BNT China Biosciences) in six different locations around the world. Bionaturis lists on the Spanish stock exchange for SMEs (trading code BNT).

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