Biobide’s and NIEHS NTP’s paper already accessible to the scientific community

We are very happy to announce that our collaborative paper with United States’ National Institute of Health and Environmental Sciences (NIEHS) Department of the National Toxicology Program has finally been accepted to the Neurotoxicology and Teratology Journal and is freely accessible to the scientific community.

This project was a collaboration with the main objective being to evaluate the toxicity of organophosphorus flame retardants as a potentially less toxic replacement for highly toxic brominated flame retardants. The investigation was led by our Senior Study Directors Celia Quevedo and Ainhoa Alzualde and covered a wide array of assays, such as developmental toxicity followed by internal concentration measurements, cardiotoxicity, behaviour assessment and hepatotoxicity. Once the data were gathered, biomonitoring data modelling in humans was applied.

All the assays were carried out in 2 independent experiments and yet again, zebrafish has been proved as a reliable and robust model for the toxicity evaluation.

To access Biobide’s and NIEHS’ article, please click here.

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Ainhoa Alzualde, Celia Quevedo, NIEHS, NIH, NTP, collaboration, United States, USA, zebrafish, toxicity, teratotoxicity, teratogenicity, developmental toxicity, cardiotoxicity, behavior, hepatotoxicity
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