Arantza Muriana, honored with the prize Business Manager of the Year in Guipuzcoa by Aspegi Asociation

R&D Management Director and co-founder of BBD BioPhenix-Biobide (part of Bionaturis Group), Arantza Muriana, has been honoured with the prize Business Manager of the Year in Guipuzcoa by the Professional and Business Women Association from Guipuzcoa, Aspegi (in Spanish). The ceremony to collect the awards, whose winners have just been published, will be hold on the 10th of March at the Aquarium of San Sebastian. Among the winners in this first edition, Ana Belén Juaristi, General Manager of Engranajes Juaristi, who has been honored within the category Business Woman of the Year as well. With these awards, Aspegi aims to recognize the role of women in business, making more visible their significant contribution to the economic development in the area. Bachelor of Pharmacy, Master degree in R+D+i of New Drugs and MBA, Arantza Muriana started working one decade ago in the field of Clinical Trials and, after a stay in the Salk Institute in California studying the zebrafish in the Preclinical Area, she came back to the Basque Country to join Biobide in its first stage. Nowadays, she is one of the co-founders of the company and the R&D Management Director, a relevant position that includes, among others tasks, management of the company’s R&D, the intermediation with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical companies, or attendance at international events in the sector to present their innovations. Biobide, an international reference company using zebrafish as animal model, offers tailor made solutions to customers all over the world to maximize R+D productivity and minimize risks in the Drug Discovery process, helping on the selection of more successful drug candidates (safer and more efficient). The latest milestones achieved by Biobide have been the foundation of a subsidiary in USA and the sign of a relevant contract to the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health (NIH-NIEHS). Biobide has been part of Bionaturis Group –one of the ground-breaking development centers of cutting-edge products for Animal Health- since 2014. About Bionaturis Group Bionaturis Group offers cutting-edge biotechnological drugs and services for human and animal health. Considered an international benchmark in vaccines research, the biotechnological Group which envisions a global access to health is listed on the stock exchange (ticker BNT).

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